Think we're too expensive?

Our projects cover a broad spectrum of budgets, from simple web sites charged for few thousand rupees to complex internet technology solutions with six-figure budgets. We work with Government, MNC’s, Private and Public Sector companies alike. Whoever the client may be be tailor the solution to meet their needs and budget. To define those needs we study your organisation, customers, competition and goals, in light of your budget and time frame. The solution, we guarantee, will provide you with the best value for your money.

Think we're too big?

Yes, many of our clients are big and corporate, but we are still relatively small & nimble. While we have the same capabilities as the larger interactive companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to give our clients superior service.

Think we're too small?

Many small companies out-source much of their production work, often adding time, expense and uncertainty. At COMPUTER Ed., we are a full-service, one-stop shop for Web and Multimedia. Performing the work in-house yields considerable advantages. We can make changes quickly, and we have the expertise to plan all aspects of a project accurately from the start. Clients are often pleased to see how at COMPUTER Ed. the project evolves from early storyboard all the way to a final product.

Think we're only a short-term solution?

We develop solutions for our clients, not just products. For example, when designing a web site, we carefully study the long term maintenance needs for the site. In some cases this means constructing a site that is easily editable by the client. In others we may implement a cost-effective maintenance plan. In each instance we strive to meet the long term needs of the client, in terms of functionality, timeliness and cost.